Party Box Project is Launching Soon!




I have been waiting for this to happen since the year began! Yup, FINALLY, Party Box Project is almost ready to launch. Party Box Project is soon to serve as your hub for your party supply and needs. Just a few clicks and the next thing you know, your party supplies are right at your doorstep! How easy and convenient shopping for your party supplies can be right?

Celebration is a Filipino thing! Never (I mean, never!) underestimate how Filipinos celebrate and how fun and big these parties can be! Each celebration is “the year’s celebration”. We celebrate everything! Birthdays, first months, anniversary, baby showers, promotions, you name it! It will always call for a celebration!

Photos and Selfies are both millennial things! We millennials love to take and share photos and your celebration and party photos are not an exemption! Yes! Everything that is worth sharing is in our feed!

We Filipinos especially millennials love to have fun, to celebrate, take photos and we love social media too!

So speaking of celebrations and being a millennial, I love celebrating too! And I like cute and pretty things. Who doesn’t? Right? Of course, if you are celebrating something, it has to look and feel like a celebration! The backdrops, the balloons, the setup, the candy corners. Did you see any party without balloons? Without even a little happy birthday sign where take photos and blow candles? Nah-ah! Not in the Philippines! Your blowing of candle photos should be where the Happy Birthday greetings are! It is a must!

But we may like to celebrate and pull off parties, but one thing is for sure, not all of us can afford to pay for event organizers to make the set up pretty and nice. Not everyone, can take the hassle of going to Divisoria and brave the crowd to buy cheap stuff for our party decorations. Not everyone wanted to go to party supplies shop and go out with dozens and dozens of balloons that you have no idea how you can take home.

So I came up with a solution. What if I can make buying party supplies, convenient and hassle-free. What if I can help you make your set up, easier and cute! What if I can make these set up crafty, do-it-yourself but not complicated? Basically, I tried creating solutions to the usual hassle I have been going whenever I need to set up for a party.

I am working, I do not have much time to go all the way and shop and figure out how I will take everything home and I do not have time for trial and error. Maybe these hassles can be other people’s hassle too! So that is my AHA-moment!

That is where Party Box Project is. Party Box Project will be your one-stop hub for your party needs! We will even have Party Boxes soon where it will be packaged for a whole set up, with balloons, greetings, buntings, curling ribbons, etc.

Originally, if everything went as planned. Party Box Project should be up and going and serving you by now. But I had my breakdowns and launching an online business was not as easy as planned so it didn’t happen. But that doesn’t mean that Party Box Project will never be launched. Party Box Project is almost ready (for real!) We will be soon open for pre-orders with 3-5 days waiting time. So stay tuned and spread the word!

This one is for real now, I will be launching Party Box Project really soon! So stay tuned!

We will start with your party-must-haves while I am crafting and perfecting the party boxes/party kits for you.

Before launching I got you some discount coupons which you can use as soon as Party Box Project is launched. So save these coupons for future use, I will not publish these codes again after being used by 25 humans (because you know, I’m already 25), you have to grab it quick!

Keep yourself updated! Be part of Party Box Project’s mailing list! Get exclusive discounts and be the first one to know about our new offers! Sign up in the form on the right (if you are on desktop) or down below (if you are on mobile)! I really swear I’ll have some amazing deals for you and exclusively for you!

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